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The Main Provisions Submitted for the Defense of the Dissertation

Any dissertation is, first of all, a serious, scientific work that must be written according to certain rules. If they are not observed, then nothing good will come of it. One of the main requirements is the presence in this scientific work of the main provisions submitted for defense. And today we will talk about them in more detail.

As a rule, this element is present in the dissertation research at the request of the Higher Attestation Commission. The main provisions are those theses that have never been put forward before. As a rule, they are formed on the basis of the definition of existing problems, a thorough analysis of those problems that have been put forward, and also on the basis of a generalization of all available chapters of the dissertation research .

In no case should the provisions put forward for the defense of a dissertation be confused with conclusions. Often the latter are quite difficult to apply in practice, since they are theoretical. If we take a closer look at the college essay writer provisions in this context, then it is worth noting that they must have scientific novelty . Since it is with the help of them that certain results are demonstrated that contribute to the scientific environment.

How to formulate the provisions in the dissertation?

Often, three to six points are included in the introduction. Each of them contains a summary of a specific problem, as well as its solution. This list should include only those items that you are sure of. Otherwise, it will be quite difficult for you to defend your dissertation if you defend those provisions whose wording is only vaguely in contact with the general content of the work.

Particular attention should be paid to the fact that in a dissertation scientific work it is a gross violation of the duplication of those postulates that were taken from other studies. The repetition of other people's thoughts and ideas may well be regarded as plagiarism, so it is worth defending only your own unique discoveries.

When formulating provisions, it is worth writing in such a way that each item reflects a specific scientific problem posed by the applicant for a degree. During the defense of the study, its author will have to demonstrate to the dissertation council that these provisions can be called reliable. And also to prove that under other similar conditions, identical conclusions will be drawn.


In conclusion of this article, I would like to say that a young scientist initially makes a very big mistake when he defends positions in which he is not sure. Therefore, before putting them forward publicly, you should still think about how correct and relevant they are. And do they need to be protected at all?

Karl Rockwell

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