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Kinds of Essays

Firstly let’s realize what an essay is. Essay is a piece of writing that is written from the point of the author. Moreover an essay is a short piece of writing that describes and discusses some certain subject. An essay can describe some opinions that are relevant to the theme or just inform the data. Usually an essay is written from the 1st person. There are a lot of kinds of essay. Below you will see important info provided by concerning every type of the essay.

Kinds of Essays. Descriptive Essay

Descriptive essay will provide the info as how something looks, smells, tastes or sounds. Moreover, descriptive essay gives the possibility to the author to describe how something happened. In this type of essay the author is required to provide info point by point.

Kinds of Essays. Definition Essay

This type of essay tries to define some specific term. The definition essay written by should try to describe the term and explain why the term is defined as such.

Kinds of Essays. Compare/Contrast Essay

In this type of essay the author should describe the similarities and differences between two things. This can be people, places or concepts. Compare/contrast essay will help the reader to realize the benefits of some certain thing. Comparison essay- discusses similarities, contrast essay- the differences.

Kinds of Essays. Cause/Effect Essays

Cause/Effect will explain the reader why some event happened and the results of the event. This essay can discuss both effects and causes of the event. Cause essay usually describe the reasons of some certain event. Effect essay will tell about the results of the event.

Kinds of Essays. Narrative Essay

These kinds of essays will tell the audience some story. Sometimes it is called a short story. Usually narrative essay tell about the personal experience.

Kinds of Essays. Argumentative Essay

Argumentative essay will persuade the reader to the point of view of the author. In the argumentative essay the author can argue openly or it may persuade the audience by using sarcasm or irony.

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